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To obtain good and stable results in term of SEO, it is important to grow your website traffic. SEO BOOSTER is an optimized package of National Geo-targeted traffic to improve SEO and ranking in a minimum time of 3 months, which allows search engines to record the traffic growth.
Our SEO BOOSTER is particularly suitable for new websites wishing to appear quickly on search engines first pages.
Several options are available based on quantity and duration: 3 or 6 months.

3 Options to boost your website

1/90,000 visits - 3 months  € 107
1st month: 20,000 visits; 2nd month: 30,000 visits; 3d month 40,000 visits

2/125,000 visits - 3 months - € 148
1st month: 25,000 visits; 2nd month: 40,000 visits; 3d month: 60,000 visits

3/210, 000 visits - 6 months - € 215
1st month: 10,000 visits; 2nd month: 20,000 visits; 3rd month: 30,000 visits; 4th month: 40,000 visits; 5th month: 50,000 visits; 6th month: 60,000 visits.
Bitcoin payments

We also accept Bitcoin payments, for any request please send us an email with the details of the choosen option at:

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Warning: You can buy traffic for any page of your website; however, we agree to work only with sites that are safe for Internet users: pages containing viruses or Trojan horses or promoting illegal activities will not be served by Prior to purchasing traffic, you must ensure that your website fully complies with this rule. We monitor all the sites that we work with. Any suspicious activity leads to the suspension of the campaign.

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