How does it work ? brings heavy traffic to your website over a short time period. Here we set out the methods we use to target real Internet users.
We do not rely on software programs that generate fake traffic or individuals paid to display your site, unlike an autosurf site. 
During a campaign, once your url has been integrated, your website can be accessed through our network of parked domains and our advertising network.

Iframe integration
We inegrate your website's url into the selected web pages (based on your country and category choice) using the Iframe technique.
An iframe (short for inline frame) is an HTML element that allows an external webpage to be embedded in an HTML documenthe iframe, a window integrated into a web page will display your page. This method has the advantage of not being intrusive (and thus not being aggressive), compared to pop-up and pop-under ads.

Parked domains and advertising network
Domain Parking: domains whose names have not been renewed by their initial owners that we have acquired. Over a period of several years, we have thus created a network of hundreds of these so-called "parked domains", related to a variety of themes (the categories available on the purchasing forms). Users access them from search engine results, giving the web pages listed excellent visibility.
Advertising network/Pages containing advertising: these are quite simply dedicated spaces found on targeted high-traffic websites. 
How does it work ?


The first thing we do when we receive a new traffic order is to validate it: we make sure that the website's url matches our terms and conditions and that techincally the campaign can start (consequently an email confirmation is sent to the customer with a tracking link).
It is also possible, for smaller countries (countries with small population and less internet users), that we could not supply the ordered quantity over the requested period of time and that we might need more time to supply the quantity.  

Once you have purchased traffic from, and when your campaign has been validated, wou will receive an email confirming all your campaign elements (product/traffic type/SEO plan..., quantity, country, category, period) and a tracking link to follow your campaign. The tracking link is a link, we use service since Google has announced it is shutting down its Google URL shortener service. The page displays the amount of traffic over a selected period of time and the country of origin. The referring site will always be the URL of our server, to protect the confidentiality of our network and customers.

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