Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vendors or bloggers, all web players need traffic. Since the Internet is highly competitive, it is becoming harder and harder to bring in heavy traffic and therefore impressive statistics. is here to help you achieve this goal. If you are discovering our service, you undoubtedly have some questions. This section will answer them.
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Are users spammed, or victims of other illegal methods, to be sent to my site?

All traffic is generated through completely legitimate clicks, related to the searches performed by Internet users themselves. In no circumstances we spam them, or intrude whatsoever into their computers, or collect their personal data. The work of is focused exclusively on our own advertising network, and benefits both the target site (yours) and the Internet users who are visiting it.

What should I know before buying traffic for my website?

You can buy traffic for any page of your website. However, we agree to work only with safe sites for Internet users: pages containing viruses or Trojan horses or promoting illegal activities will not be served by Prior to purchasing traffic, you must ensure that your website fully complies with this rule. We monitor all the sites that we work with. Any suspicious activity leads to the suspension of the traffic campaign.

Can you guarantee that I will receive all the visitors from my order?

We guarantee it: you receive what you pay for. If that is not the case within a period of one week from the scheduled end of the campaign, you can either report the missing quantity to a future order or receive a refund.

None of the proposed categories match my site. What should I do?

You have several options: You choose the closest category (we can always adjust it manually after your purchase). Or, you can choose 'Other' (at the bottom of the list) and we will define the best category after reviewing your website. Otherwise if you have any doubt or any question you can send us a message via our Contact Page to ask our advice, we will be delighted to help you.

How long does it take for a campaign to start ?

The first visitors will visit your site approximately 12 hours after we have activated your campaign. Our team will follow up your campaign to ensure that all of the ordered traffic comes to your site within the requested time frame. The ordered quantity will be distributed equally, day per day, during the choosen period. You can always modify the delivery period (from 1 to 30 days).

Can I measure the conversion and bounce rates from your traffic?

We cannot guarantee a conversion rate; likewise, bounce rates are highly variable. With more than 100 market categories we propose a very precise targeting but the behavior of Internet users once they are on the site depends on many variables that we cannot control, such as what they find on the page and of course, its theme. Some topics naturally reach many more people than others and some categories are much more precise than others: for example horse racing is a more precise targeting than shopping. If a website is specific, we can expect a  higher conversion rate.

My campaign has started, but Google Analytics is showing a very slow growth. What is going on?

It may be surprising but Google Analytics does report 100 % of our traffic. Analytics uses a Javascript to send information from each page to your Google account and the traffic's tracking depends on the account configuration and internet browser. The reading of our traffic by Google Analytics could be very different from a website to another. 

It is possible, and we do that regularly for some of our customers, to deliver a quantity of traffic with Google Analytics reading. For this we have to establish an equivalence between what is actually read by Google Analytics and the volume of traffic that we have delivered. As we do not have access to Analytics statistics we ask our customers to send us screenshots; when the equivalence has been accurately established we will provide you with a quote (which is specific to each url), the price wil be of course  higher  than our standard rate. For any request please send us a mail with all details (url, traffic type, quantities, category ...) via our  contact form: Contact

According to the statistics, there is only one referring site, why ?

To protect the confidentiality of our network and our customers, all visitors are redirected via our server internal control panel. That's why you will see only a single referring site on the statistics page and also when you use your own tools.

Can added traffic have a positive impact on my SEO?

Search engines: Google, Bing ... although their algorithms are not precisely known, do favor sites reeiving important traffic. It is perceived as a sign of popularity and trust in these sites. To sustainably improve the SEO of a website (and its Alexa ranking), it is essential to favor a steady flow of visitors, rather than a single stream. Therefore, we recommend opting for one of our SEO Plans. We invite you to also visit our page SEO Guide that will help you optimize the SEO of your site or your blog.

Can I know a bit more about you?

Created in 2012 by a team of web technicians, Plusvisites quickly became a world leader in the purchase of Internet traffic.
Our success is based on two elements: firstly the quality of our traffic, we only offer real traffic with real users and no autosurfing or fake trafic generators and also the quality our service as we attach great importance to our customers satisfaction.
Our vocation is to help our customers to grow their business and sales by improving the SEO and the visibility of their site or blog.
In 2016 we put online a new website, with a responsive design, and we complete our offer to better align our services with our customers'needs and budgets .

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