Terms and conditions

Acceptance of the terms and conditions

All orders placed through Plusvisites.com ("we") are subject to the following terms and conditions. By placing an order, you ("the customer") recognize that you have read and understood them and agree to them without any reservations.

Websites that will be refused

No traffic will be redirected to a website that contains one or more of the following elements:

  • contextual (pop-up) windows
  • forced Javascript messages
  • advertising software (adware), Trojan horses, malicious codes, phishing, or anything that is likely to compromise the security of Internet users and the confidentiality of their data
  • scripts that kill the display window
  • iframes redirecting to malicious sites
  • hateful, racist or illegal content
  • videos on the Youtube and Dailymotion sites
  • a malicious service or advice relating to malicious practices

If any of these elements are added to the website after the start of the traffic campaign, the campaign will be immediately discontinued, and the customer will not receive any refund.

Registration and confidentiality data

To use our services, customers are required to provide us with the necessary information (the website's URL and category, and the customer's contact details). In no circumstances will this information be shared with or sold to third parties.

Delivery period

Once the customer's order has been confirmed, we implement the campaign as soon as possible, after confirming its feasibility. If the campaign as configured by the customer is not feasible (too much traffic requested for a defined period, which can happen for some countries), we offer to either adjust the settings (which generally means spreading out the campaign over a longer period) or, when necessary, issue a refund. Once the order has been confirmed and a confirmation email has been sent, the customer will then start receiving traffic within 24 hours of the start of the campaign. In total, less than 2 working days should go by between the purchase itself and the arrival of the first visitor. These time frames imply that none of the aforementioned elements (pop-up ads, malicious software, etc.) are integrated into the site after the purchase. When appropriate, we request their removal, and then undertake a new check, which requires a few additional hours. Traffic will continue to arrive until the total amount ordered has been received in the period requested at the time of purchase, barring any subsequent changes to the delivery period at the customer's request.

Order errors

Any errors made upon placement of the order are the customer's responsibility. If the website's URL is incorrect or if the selected category is inappropriate, we will make the change at the customer's request but no refund will be issued for any traffic already delivered. If the customer mistakenly purchases too much traffic, no refund will be issued, but we can split the order so as to redirect the traffic to other web pages, with a 5,000-Internet-user minimum per web page.

Campaign monitoring

If customers wish to monitor their stream of traffic resulting from Add-traffic.com, we recommend using a tracking tool such as Statcounter. Third-party scripts such as Google Analytics only offer an incomplete view of traffic. That is why no refunds may be issued based on the statistics of Google Analytics. In the event of a dispute as to the amount of traffic received, only the Google URL Shortener (an independent service) – which we include by default with each campaign on account of its renowned reliability – will have authority.

Unavailability of the customer's website

If the customer's website becomes unavailable for any reason whatsoever, the customer will not hold Add-traffic.com liable for the problem. If the customer ordered more traffic than its host is capable of handling, the customer alone will be held liable. We do not know how much traffic the host of a customer's website can manage, and we cannot guarantee the availability of the customer's website throughout the campaign. Any traffic delivered when the customer's website is unavailable will not be subject to a refund. It is the customer's responsibility to monitor the availability of its website, stop its campaign through the switchboard if necessary, and then keep us informed of the situation.

Refund policy

A refund can only be issued in the following situation: the customer does not receive all of the traffic ordered within a period of one week following the end of the scheduled delivery period. No refund requests may be honored before this time limit so that we may fix any technical problems. The request must be formulated by the customer within a period of one month from the end of the initially scheduled delivery period. After this time, no refunds will be issued. If not all of the traffic is delivered for technical reasons, the first proposal will be to carry forward the amount not delivered to a future order.

Behavior of visitors

We cannot in any circumstances predict the behavior of Internet users once they are on the customer's website, since this behavior depends both on what they are looking for and the appeal of the web page being viewed. The Add-traffic.com site will send the ordered amount of traffic to the web page indicated at the time of purchase; this is the only guarantee provided. Google's independent "URL Shortener" service alone will have authority for the counting of traffic. A lack of sales or conversions, log-ins or registrations, or a lack of so-called "deep" visits, cannot in any case be used as grounds to justify a request to send additional traffic or justify a refund request, whether total or partial.

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