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Why should I buy web traffic ? How to choose the best Plan for my website ? 

Why should I buy website traffic ?

With the phenomenal growth of Internet and the increasing number of new websites put online every day SEO is increasingly sharp and difficult.
The last internet trends for 2020 clearly illustrate this competitive environment:
-they are 4,5 bilions web surfers  worldwide 
-in 2020 mobile trafic will represent 56% of total trafic and will reach 61% by 2021
-"blogging" is continuously growing, 2 millions blogs are posted daily on internet
-69 % of internet users in the EU shop online 
-92% is Google worldwide market share of search engine marlet 
-Google first page represents 91% of the traffic
There are, of course, many SEO advices that we detail in our SEO guide, but now all sites are implementing the same techniques and competition is becoming stronger. The first pages of Google, Bing and others are more and more difficult to reach. The search engines better index websites and blogs with important traffic because they are perceived as more popular and more interesting.
In addition to conventional methods of search engine optimization (SEO) that we strongly recommend, buying targeted visits will increase traffic to a website or blog and improve its ranking and visibility.

What are the different types of traffic ? How to target my campaign ?

We offer several types of traffic: Global Traffic ( Worldwide ), National Traffic and Mobile Traffic, which is more and more important.
With Global Traffic, visits may come from all over the world ( any country), it is the cheapest traffic but the conversion rate is lower. National Traffic is the most efficient traffic (and the most popular), it allows you to target a country to maximize the conversions (more than 100 countries are listed). Finally Mobile Traffic generates visits from mobile phones and tablets users if you wish to target this audience.
All 3 traffics are targeted thematically: when you place your order you select your category out of 100 niche markets based on the theme of your site or your blog.
For more detailed information or if you have questions about our service, please visit our pages How does it work ? and FAQ.
Website traffic or SEO Plans ? How to choose ?

If your goal is to improve your SEO and your ranking on the search engines you need to purchase one of our SEO Boosters or SEO Annual Plans.
We propose several options with different quantities and different durations (SEO Boosters from 3 to 6 months and Annuel Plans) that you might choose in function of your needs and budget.
You might compare our different options to make your choice or use the contact form to ask our advices. 
If you want to occasionally boost your website, for a launch or any special deal or simply try our service you can buy our website traffic with specific campaigns or Packs.

« Customer satisfaction is our top priority»

Why Choose Plusvisites ?

-A Complete offer to match your needs 

-Guaranteed and available real-time stat 

-Fast delivery ( campaigns start within 24 hours )

-Cheap prices

-Targeted traffic: more than 100 niche categories listed  

-National Traffic with more than 100 countries listed 

-Real and unique human website traffic, no bots

-Customer support 7 days a week  

-Secure payment with Paypal

About us

Created in 2012 by a team of web technicians, Plusvisites quickly became one of the world's largest supplier of quality website traffic  

We focus on high quality traffic with an extreme targeting by country and niche market.  

Our mission is to help our clients to grow their business  by improving the SEO and the visibility of their website. 

Besides the quality and the variety of our traffic, we attach great importance to customer support and service  to meet and exceed our customers satisfaction.

In 2016, proposes new services and new options to better meet our customer needs.

High quality targeted traffic

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Campaigns start within 24h

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